I can find you a European buyer for your Maine property!

I not only have buyers here in this country for your Maine property, but European buyers for it!


Truly, we now live in a “global marketplace”… not only for the love of discounted prices for Chinese products, but I’m working with Europeans who want to own vacation properties in Maine!

Europeans traditional take long vacations and they are attracted to “Maine” because we have such a pristine environment and we are known for “living life the way it should be.”

Struggling European countries are becoming affordable retirement destinations for North Americans, according to Internationalliving.com. The top markets are Portugal, Spain, Greece and Ireland. ” The values of cottages on some of the Greek islands are headed towards zero,” says Ronan McMahon, the site’s property expert. How big is the drop? Property prices have fallen by as much as 75 percent in Ireland, and McMahon doesn’t expect them to rise. The cost of living has fallen as well. “In Ireland,” he says, “you’ll get a three-course set-menu meal in a restaurant for what you would have paid for the main course five years ago. Want something more exotic than Europe? The site’s experts say you can live in Asian countries like Thailand for as little as $500 a month.

Our real estate agency (Better Homes and Gardens) has an exclusive affiliation with the leading international real estate referral agencies! That means that you will have “global” prospective buyers (if your property is listed with me) rather than those that live here. For buyers, you will have resources to explore buying opportunities anywhere in the world!

Over the last few years, I have had an increasing number of international buyers ask me to find properties in Maine for them to consider purchasing. Also, I have experienced a growing number of celebrities who want me to help them buy a “piece of Maine dirt.” Martha Stewart bought a classic home in Seal Harbor, Maine and I’m finding that other celebrities are equally motivated to buy Maine property.

Most of these buyers pay cash for their secret retreats and they encourage their friends to similarly buy a vacation home in Maine.

This all means that I have the potential for occasioning a greater number of potential buyers for your property than was possible in the past!

Also, it works in reverse. If you are moving to another part of the country because of a new work assignment or because of a retirement decision to move to a warmer climate, then I can find you a seasoned buyer broker at your preferred location that will collaborate with me to make sure you get a satisfying new home at the best deal possible.

So, I have the tools and connections to fully service your real estate needs. Whether it’s finding you a distant buyer or helping you relocate to California… or London… I can make it happen for you seamlessly.

I truly can be a resource for everything you may dream of doing!


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