Maine Beach Walking 101


One of my favorites is at Reid State Park in Georgetown – a 30 minute drive off Route 1 after you cross the new Bath Bridge, if you are driving northbound.

Not only is this a popular summertime sunbathing and swimming beach (although a little too cold for me who is now into the senior years), it’s open year-round and it’s a great exhilarating walk on any day of the year – especially, if you need to “sort things out” or just refresh your soul.

Walking the beach with someone special is always quality time, but a solo journey with the water lapping at your ankles… ahhh, that’s really therapeutic. The beach is a mile long, but you don’t need to walk it all the way from Griffin Head to Todd’s Point.

The waves create an intoxicating relentless rhythm in your ears, the seagulls provide their ubiquitous squawking into the sea winds and (depending on the weather) you might hear the lugubrious wail of the foghorn from nearby Seguin Island Lighthouse. It’s all a recipe for exercising all your senses – a powerful purging, much better than a visit to the psychiatrist – and much cheaper.

I make that walk at least a half a dozen times a year and always on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Living in Maine might make you a much happier person!


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