Mark Twain visited Maine often and wrote wonderful testaments to its pristine beauty.

Someone once complained about the weather of that moment and his classic response was, “if you don’t like the weather in Maine, just wait a minute!” Of course, that’s an oversimplification, but there is a nugget of truth in that statement. Even with today’s satellites and Doppler radar, the Maine weather forecasters have to sometimes hedge their predictions.  Mainers are use to this unpredictability and accept it as a given – a menu to “go with the flow.” Summer visitors to Maine try so hard to plan their vacation calendar for good weather, but it’s really a crap shoot.

More importantly, there are plenty of exciting things to do when the weather is inclement! It’s always a good time to curl up with some long-neglected reading material in front of a crackling warm fireplace – wrapped in a warm blanket and holding your favorite hot drink. It’s a great time to plan a trip to either the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, the Maine State Museum in Augusta or the Farnsworth Museum See a separate blog on this exciting place) in Rockland – all, are internationally accredited and a special joy to experience.

Take a walk in a warm soft summer rain. Get soaking wet and fully-experience the same joy you had as a child jumping into your first puddle. Return to where you are staying and take a long hot shower – then, a totally-relaxing nap. Rejoice in the abundance of the freshness, beauty and moods of Maine. It’s magical therapy that heals years of useless self-discipline to “be adult.”

I have a favorite Irish philosopher who unfortunately died recently at the young age of 52. Please visit his website at  He wrote so many wonderful books that I cherish and re-read many times for their insight on “living fully within the now.” In his book, Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace he teaches that Nature does not immediately reveal her fullest beauty to us. She waits for us to pause and reflect and await the Act II of revealing herself. You need to work at coaching her to reveal her fullest beauty, but it is there as a reward for the patient and devout observer. I share this with you because the “Maine experience” is a sacrite experience that feeds our souls. Be open to finding it.

So, Maine weather is unpredictable, but perhaps all-knowing of what your soul most needs to take back with you to your home elsewhere. It’s not that every day needs to be sunny and warm – those occasions are an unexpected dessert. Take the weather as it unfolds, bask in whatever Maine weather is given to you. Don’t fight it – embrace it! You will be the unexpected beneficiary of that submission.

Living in Maine might make you a much happier person!


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