Power Through Your Clean-up List With a Pressure Washer

Patio Clean-up


Clean patio furniture:  Has your deck or patio furniture built up pollen or grime this summer? Forget the scrub brush, soapy water and elbow grease. Make quick work of cleaning wood and metal furniture with a pressure washer. Just don’t spray too close. See that the washer tip is held afew feet away… otherwise it can strip the paint or other finishes.

Banish weeds and dead plants: If you have deep rooted weeds or dead grass entrenched between pavestones, slate tiles, or concrete cracks in your yard or on your patio. Don’t bust a knee bending down to pull them out or risk spraying harmful chemicals. Blast them with a pressure washer to remove weeds right down to the roots.

Restore the shine on glass: Remove the film and stains that accumulate on outdoor glass tables or windows with your power washer… making it sparkle like new again.

Make stonework gleam: While you are removing weeds, blast the pavestones and tiles with a power washer to remove dirt and mildew from stone and concrete.


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