Sarah’s Cafe, Wiscasset, maine

If your travels take you through “Maine’s Prettiest Village,” Wiscasset, you should consider eating at Sarah’s Café located on the corner of Route 1 and Water Street – overlooking the Sheepscot River. It used to be possible to look out the restaurant’s front windows and see the skeletal remains of the Hesper and Luther Little Schooners which were storm-beached aground in 1932. Unfortunately, in 1998 they were set afire by someone throwing a fireworks sparkler on one of the ships decks.  The ships were a haunting subject for many artists and photographers – but, I sadly digress as a lover of those missed ships!

Sarah and her family opened “Sarah’s Café” in 1981 specializing in her original recipe for pizza dough, daily-homemade foods using the freshest ingredients and produce available from local farms and venders and her famous fresh breads (eight varieties of flat bread).  Also scrupulous desserts – to die for! Her popular triple chowder/soup and assorted breads buffet is delicious anytime, but especially when there a rawness in the weather and you would like something warming and tasty. She offers her diners Maine lobster prepared in eleven different mouthwatering ways (Try the “Lobster Trap,” a calzone with lobster meat). There is an aggressive large menu of traditional Maine foods and dishes, but no fried foods.

Their luncheon soups and homemade assorted breads are so delicious! My favorite is the Haddock Chowder which big pieces of fish and lots of melted butter.

The café connects to the Twin Schooner Pub which she opened in 2002 as a casual atmosphere for spending long periods of time in friendly camaraderie – with a large selection of different kinds of beer or your favorite brand liquor. Sarah’s café menu is available in the pub – ideal for an intimate lunch or dinner to catch a relaxed bite with friends. In finer weather, enjoy a drink on the Pub’s side terrace overlooking the river. The Twin Schooner Pub is a habit-forming, therapeutic refuge from the stresses of daily life. “Pub Life” has long been synonymous with living life to the fullest or at the very least living life well!  It’s a place where friends will greet each other with warm salutation complemented by a cold beverage and a hot delicious meal.  The Pub is, I predict, a place you will be eager to return to time and time again.


I especially enjoy the casual year-round dining with friends or family.  Prices are very reasonable! Sarah has been providing her very popular quality catering services though out the state for a long time.  Her fares for weddings, conferences and other events are also most reasonable.

So, make a note to try Sarah’s Café. You won’t be disappointed.


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