Summer Maintenance

  1. Power wash the outside of your home. Heat and humidity can cause mold to grow on your home’s exterior.
  2. Inspect your deck for rotten boards that need replacement. Also check if the deck need to be restained. Do not “paint.” It will peel off.
  3. Upgrade old windows and doors. Replace/repair damaged screens. Check the sealant around the indoor and outdoor windows with vinegar,water and lint-free cloths.
  4. Check your roof and the home’s exterior and make repairs.
  5. Add new additions to your garden. Prune flowers, bushes and trees. Consider adding mulch for a clean appearance and to reduce weeds. Check hoses and faucets for drips and leaks.
  6. Clean and tune up your lawnmower.
  7. Clean your grill inside and out. Use a grill scrapper or brush and empty the drip tray.
  8. Inspect your gutters including guards and downspouts. Remove leaves and debris and make sure water is flowing properly.
  9. Paint. Exterior painting is best done at the beginning or end of summer when temperatures and humidity are lower.
  10. Check your home’s insulation and seal any gaps.
  11. Inspect your attic and basement for evidence of pests, insects, water damage, mld, or mildew.
  12. Clean drier vents. They could be a fire hazard.
  13. Clean refrigerat0r coils to maximize efficiency. Gently, vacuum or wipe away dust.
  14. Wash range hood filter, if oil and grease have built up.
  15. Schedule a cleaning/service for your HVAC system.


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