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Greetings, all

I’m very excited about having created this website for anyone to see my Maine scrapbook of photos, videos, blogs and provide links for my viewers to better understand why anyone would choose to live in Maine. Of course, the primary purpose of this website is to provide a resource tool for those thinking about buying or selling property in Midcoast Maine, but it’s also a valuable primer for those desiring to better enjoy our state.

“Midcoast Maine” has long been my “frog pond” – I know it so very well!

I wanted to create an online resource for anyone to see my photographs and videos of my special places, recommended attractions to visit, terrific places to eat, recipes of traditional Maine dishes (like Haddock Fish Chowder, my Mom’s Apple Pie, and her secret recipe for making awesome Blueberry Muffins), my favorite Maine historic sites to visit, shopping tips to do the Freeport outlet stores, where to get the best pizza, summer work-around traffic alternative routes through Wiscasset…. a handbook, if you will, of tips and information that I may someday publish as a book. I plan to do frequent postings of useful tips, fair/festival schedules, recommendations, forums, coastal touring strategies and more particularly – what’s it like to live here, what there is to do here and how to understand (and even enjoy) “the mind of Mainers.”

For anyone dreaming of a “someday” move to Maine, it can be an ongoing coaching resource to teach them about how best to plan a move here, even if they only have a small budget to spend. It’s sort of an “Act II” to enjoy after having browsed the real estate sections of those Maine magazines that feature exciting Maine properties. We all know that “Maine” is more than just a very beautiful, four-season place; it a way of life that resonates with a lot of people who would love to eventually live and work here. These blogs will, I think, be welcomed by them.

I’m hope to create daily additions of material to these blogs, so keep checking for my “latest stuff.” I would be delighted to have you share my website address (www.larrycilley.com) with your friends, if you think they would enjoy using it as one of the best place to scout out Midcoast Maine properties... and reading about my philosophies and practical information about why so many people have a love affair with Maine. I would very much appreciate a recommendation of my website to anyone you know who is considering buying or selling property in Midcoast Maine.




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